We take the power of the sun and channel it to your bottom line.

Many firms do energy-related project management or energy efficiency upgrades. Renewable energy is different, however, because it requires expertise not only in design and construction, but in financing and permitting as well. In fact, while we are design and construction experts, our most valuable skill is perhaps on the financial end, helping unravel the complexities of tax credits and incentives and providing a solution that is specifically geared to strengthen your profitability. Add to this our ability to coordinate with local utilities and municipalities, and Rev becomes a turnkey renewable energy partner.

HDimage3We work across the globe.
From electrifying small villages in India, to bringing renewable energy to the largest resort on Maui, to planning, designing, and implementing renewable energy projects on single buildings. We tend to work on islands and in areas of the globe where resorts dominate the economy. These regions often benefit the most from the addition of renewable energy. But we also work in less exotic places, including our own backyard in Denver. And we can support any type of organization that is looking to increase the value of its assets (and help the planet) through renewable energy.



HDimage4We’re flexible and scalable.
Resort Energy Ventures provides renewable energy consulting from both a business and technical standpoint. We offer a broad range of technical, market, and advisory services including:

• Renewable energy policy design
• Market and technology assessment
• Financial analysis and consulting
• Deployment and turnkey project development